Unlock the Bible
36 Lessons    •    Multiple-Choice Quizzes    •    Scripture-Focused
“I'm 70 years old and all the things I’ve been taught about the Bible are finally making sense. Your explanations are so simple that even a child can understand.”
N. B. (North Carolina)
“I must have read the scriptures quoted in it many times before, but they never had the impact that they had this time.”
G. C. (New Hampshire)
“I have believed I had a decent understanding of the Bible and what I thought to be basic truths, but I know I had been wrong. This is really amazing.”
G. P. (Texas)
Answer the most important questions in your life
Do you wonder ...
Do angels and demons exist?
Is there life after death?
What is my purpose?
... and what the Bible says?
Focus on one key subject with each lesson.
Monitor your progress with quizzes.
Learn at your own pace.
It’s time to
get the answers.
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